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    Optimum IT Solutions offers both Linux and Windows web hosting.


    Linux web hosting is a popular choice for powering websites and web applications because it is affordable, fast, flexible, and secure.   It is shared hosting and does not require purchase of a license, and is also compatible with PHP and MySQL.  Most websites today use Linux hosting.

    • Customizations

      • Beautiful demo versions to help you start.
      • Powerful admin panel.
      • Intelligent shortcodes and shortcode generator.
      • ‘Help mode’ to simplify development.
      • Supports WordPress, Zen Card, and phpBB.
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  • Windows Web Hosting and Features

    If your website requires specific Microsoft technologies, you will be required to use Windows hosting.  Our package uses either helm or plesk control panels and offers features such as MSSQL, ASP, .NET, Microsoft Access, Ajax support, and much more.

    Which hosting-service should you choose?

    Both services off the same level of efficiency and security.  The package you choose will depend on the technologies your website needs.  For example, if you plan to use your website for business, Linux hosting is probably a better choice all-round.  However, if you plan on using a feature such as ASP, Microsoft Access, or MSSQL, you will be required to use Windows hosting.  Linux does not support these features.


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  • Linux Web Hosting and Features

    • Sub domains
    • FTP accounts
    • cPanel control panel
    • Support for IMAP4
    • SMTP outgoing accounts
    • Auto – Responders E -mail 
    • P
    • Shipping E -mail
    • My – SQL Databases