Domain Registration

What is a domain?

A domain is what you type in the URL of your browser to reach your website.  For example, our domain name is  Because every domain name is unique, you must act quickly to secure the one you hope to use.  In addition, the domain name should accurately reflect the nature of your website.  This is one of the first steps in creating your online presence.

Optimum IT Solutions offers domain name registration at extremely competitive rates.  Our registrar is easy-to-use, and boasts 24/7 support services.  Once you have chosen your name, you can see its availability and choose from various price plans.  If your name is already claimed, do not panic.  Contact us and we may be able to negotiate its purchase from the current owner.

Our Services

    • Free Email Accounts

      Every domain comes with two custom email addresses (e.g. [email protected]) and includes free fraud, spam, and virus protection.

    • DNS Management

      Free lifetime Domain Name System (DNS) management service which allows you to oversee your records on our globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

    • Free Mail Forwarding

      Forward or redirect your emails to other addresses for free.

    • Bulk Tools

      Our bulk tools allow you to easily register, renew, transfer, and make changes to multiple domain names simultaneously.

    • Privacy Protection

      Protect your privacy and prevent email spam by masking your public WHOIS details with our free Privacy Protection service.

    • Domain Forwarding

      Improve your online visibility for free by redirecting your users when they type an associated domain into the browser (with or without domain masking & SEO).