OIS Technical Support

  • OIS Tech Support

    OIS TECHNICAL SUPPORT offers technical assistance for a wide range of PC problems, from simple tuneups to complicated network issues.  It is important for our technicians and customers to be on the same page, so we employ remote access capabilities to allow you to see exactly what we are doing while we assess and fix the problem.   Tell us your issue and we will get back to you with a solution within 24 hours, excepting emergencies.

    If you are having trouble, one of our OIS genies will:

    • Set you up with software to allow remote access capabilities.
    • Run a diagnostic test on your computer to discern the nature of the problem.
    • Solve the problem in real time, while you watch.

    Sessions are billed on an hourly basis at £30.00 per hour.  Emergency calls will involve an additional one-off charge of £30.00.

    We do not store your data or share any of your information with a third party.  All of our technical support is conducted with the customer present and is completely confidential.